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Subdivisions or not

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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:

--- Quote from: \"LUTENIST\" post=46949 ---I am new, so parden me for giving a reply to this topic without reading all of it first....I was land developer in the US for many years, but also did the Engineering for many subdivisions, including the surveying and construction work, so if anyone needs some help, like a survey of the land and a plot plan, topo or site plan showing the grading, drainage, septic, i can try tot help. Although soliciting these things may be illegal since i possess no license, so it would be on a gratus basis of course officially. But more importantly is the navagation thru the local code and policies that i am not up to speed on here at all, still learning. My new wife here is professional woman with years of experience in accounting and banking practices, taxes, import/export law, etc, so her and I intend to look into subdividing land here. Any suggestions are welcomed.
--- End quote ---

Welcome James,

You may have plenty to learn of the Filipino ways of doing things! It just may bewilder or frustrate you over time! Good luck!  


oh IMHO I would rather rent than buy a place....I am living in a huge swiss Chalet built like a tank (iron wood tongue and groove, post and beam construction) with all the amenities imaginable with the best view in the area, safest place in town for 30k a month, I know sounds impossible, specially if you see this place and the location. i can\'t hear a cock or a trike, just a distant train horn and lots of bullfrogs! I guess i was lucky, signed one year lease, house next store is same constuction only 6 million, 4000 sq feet!, can see the volcano and all of the area from any windo and lots of jungle and gardens. i am 5 minutes from the highway, that toll highway to manila in 40 minute depending on traffic, 30 to the airport.

ASnyway tis frees up cash for land investment since gtheir financing here is very conservative and buying a house to live is always too emotional, better to subdivide and sell, make it a business venture, then you are more cautious.
seems buying is ok, but if you need cash or have to move, you have to sell and i noticed lots of guys discounting in order to liquidate.

just a thought, even in the USA its proven now you are better off to rent in this economy, unless you can steal a house and flip it or have instant equity, but all the taxes, maintence and the gfact you can\'t always move when a better opportunity comes along...again just shite to fill the time and space....

Just a suggestion its better not in a subdivision because its good if your planning to retire, but if your that kind of person that driven and success hungry? then the Metro manila is the best place for you. With all the developments in the city its a good time to invest already.

Interesting read,  my wife's family mostly lives in Bataan in the south side and she wants to retire there.  Looking online for a hector or two is giving me sticker shock. The prices are so high per sq meter.  Started looking on the east side of manila  sound Silang and it gets higher.  It's crazy.  Don't think I'll be happy in a subdivision in my older age. I'd like to have fruit trees and a nice garden to keep me healthy.  Sucks!


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