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Term Life Insurance -Any leads? ?


Within RP only pls

 ???  Good question.  I am planning on  moving to the Phils - Cebu in October.  I have a decent $500K plan. here in the US .  Do you all know if generally it would still be in force If I am resident in the Phils.


 I tried to get a term life policy before leaving Canada, all was well until they asked me to fill out a travel form. Once they found out I was going to the Philippines for a length period of time, the refused to insure me.

I would certainly check with your agent in US. Most companies consider living in the Philippines dangerous and don\'t want to insure you if you are there for anything more than a 3 or 4 week vacation.

I did find a company in Manila, Sun Life that will issue a life policy but it is actually very expensive.  I was quoted P20,000 for one year for a one million peso policy.

Hope this helps.



How old are you Ray - that\'s a big factor!

Price goes up almost exponentially after 60

I did check with my Insurance company and my term is still in place .. as I ws not planning on moving to the  PI when I bought it back in 2001.....However they would not issue me new policy as I was planning to be abroad within the year.
HOpe this helps..   I hvnt needed to search for new plan.. yet..  but I will need to as my plan is over in 2011.



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