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Gray Wolf:
I met Gloria on an introduction site 14 years ago.  We exchanged emails and phone calls for 6 months before I went to Manila to visit with her in person.  It's been magical ever since.  But keep in mind this was 14 years ago when "dating" sites were just getting started and scammers hadn't yet become a lucrative online business.

I met my wife Shirley on Filipina Heart, now renamed I believe. We have been very happily married now for 5 years and it was the best thing I ever did meeting her.

But on these dating sites are the good, the bad and everything inbetween. If you find the right Filipina woman she will make you the happiest man in the world, but conversely get a scammer or gold digger and a lot of pain will be the inevitable outcome.

I conversed with half a dozen or so women, until I met Shirley, and it was her sincerity and goodness that shone through from the emails and chats we had. Cast your net wide because the first woman may not be the best, and there is an endless number to choose from.

The onus is on the expat to sift through and make the right decision. Some do and some don't.

Excellent advice everyone,,,I have not detected any red flags yet,,,,I have seen her family when we have cammed on Messenger,,,she is very family oriented as we all know they are,,,everyone looked happy and friendly...she is from the province and I am sure that she feels that if I pick her she has won the Lottery,,,I hope to spend as much time with her as possible on my first trip,,,hoping for the best,,,also hope to retire there if it feels right,,,

I met Bing 26 years ago through a pen pal club. Dating sites did not exist then and even the Internet had not become popular or even available to most people. After a while I started to telephone her instead. I worked for British Telecom and most of us had our own unregistered lines. I used to get into work extra early, 8 am, to catch her before she left work at 4 pm. We got to know a lot about each other long before we actually met.

Met Tina on introasian.  Purely by chance really.  I was a member there for years, but never took any of it seriously.  Then one night, more because I was bored than anything, I talked to Tina in the chatroom part of the site, and we just hit it off.  Been here a year and it's been more paradise and heaven than either of my previous relationships with a pinay. 
Again, as others have said, take it careful.  While a member of that site for 2 years, I had a lot of Pinay make advances at me, and while I was pushing them back, they started asking for money without even a mutual respect on my side.  There are a lot of players.  But there are good ones and I hope you found one.


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