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Steve & Myrlita:
Hi Tony, welcome.
I read your posts and have a suggestion if I may. Have your Fiancee book "Her Own Room" with her sister as "HER" guest. You book your own separate room not adjacent to hers. If asked, the 16 yr old is NOT in your company but your fiancee's. Also, never I repeat "Never" be alone with the 16 yr old even for 30 seconds for any reason. This should work just fine and remove any "perceived" appearance of impropriety. Good luck to you and your fiancee. God Bless....

thanks for the reply, my faincee wont be there as the flight i need to get will get there two days before she finishes work so plan was to arrive, meet sis in law (future lol) then stay for a day and travel and surprise my finacee at her work but think i will be telling sis to just meet me the next day to at the bus station to avoid any issues, we were just trying to be nice and surprise her as i love surprises but hey ho

You are not married yet and so it is risky to be in the presence of the younger sister alone because you aren't related yet.

You may have innocent intentions, but what will the police think if they see you together? Or the restaurant/hotel manager who may talk to the police? This is talking about being in the same room, so being in public probably wouldn't be a big deal, but notice that it says "any person who, not being a relative of a child, is found alone".... Better to be safe than sorry.

Sec. 6. Attempt To Commit Child Prostitution. - There is an attempt to commit child prostitution under Section 5, paragraph (a) hereof when any person who, not being a relative of a child, is found alone with the said child inside the room or cubicle of a house, an inn, hotel, motel, pension house, apartelle or other similar establishments, vessel, vehicle or any other hidden or secluded area under circumstances which would lead a reasonable person to believe that the child is about to be exploited in prostitution and other sexual abuse.

Yes, just meet the younger sister later to avoid and problems.

That surprise would be on you I'd ditch her sister and stop talking to her period and just meet your future wife you don't want to meet the sister ever not good no matter how you make it seem what a huge mistake would be my take.

You can go to jail for even being in her company without an adult relative of hers being present.
Donít even go there, itís not worth it.


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