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Palawan Aussie:
It'd be amazing if this House Bill gets up :D

Ban on kids riding on motorcycles eyed

By Maricel Cruz | Sep. 8th, 2013 (snip)

In filing House Bill 397, Tarlac Representative Susan Yap said, “Government intervention is called for in order to protect the health and welfare of children by proposing to preclude the transporting of children on motorcycles and tricycles along highways."

The bill would prohibit motorcyclists from carrying children on their bikes on roads and highways.

It also provides that no motorcycle shall carry more than two passengers, including the driver, while operating on a road or highway, except in remote areas where a child requires immediate medical treatment and in an emergency situation.

That would probably never work in the Philippines, so I hope they do not pass it, just look at the helmet law that few people follow and especially for the children and babies that ride between the adults.  :o

It seems the lawmakers in Manila are getting more like the lawmakers in Washington DC everyday.  Feeling it necessary to make laws that put a burden/hardship on the rest of the country.  We have some property in the province where habal habal is the only way most travel..Even here in Tacloban they implemented the largely ignored helmet law and sold stickers for the ones that they approved.  Stickers immediately came on the black market for 200p apiece.  God save us from those that would save us....Lee


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