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Big daddy Ray:
When I get to Palawan in October, one of first order of business is to purchase a Motorcycle. I have had bikes for years. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Honda XR150L. It is new this year. I am about 250 lbs so I need something with a little power and off/on road ability. It looks like it is reasonably priced and I do not want anything over 100K pesos. Input is appreciated.



I donīt have this bike and no experience of it, but still answer of it..

I had before yamaha ybr 125 and I am just a little lighter as you are. Only worries with that ybr, was those busses and other bigger vehicles, who tried to overtake where ever..
horsepower where needed on those places to skape out from though places. Other wice, nothing problem at all... only 9Nm on use, if even so. Honda have some more power on use.
What i am thinking of, is tires and parts for a new bike model.. are those parts reasonably on hand?
Price is really tempting and brand is good.. thanks for this input! Hope we get soon some comments from users.

tagatubos make s a very good point.  there are just so many crazy drivers here you want a bike that can take your weight and be able to take off when needed.  You'll also want a bike that can handle the road well to also dodge the crazies. 

I can't talk about the bike you're asking about as I also have never been on one, but the size sounds like it can do the job in the power department.

My Friend has a HD Soft Tail for sale nice bike says he can not enjoy riding it here as the roads are too dangerous and it draws to much attention contact me off line if any one would  like his number

Big daddy Ray:
UPDATE: After serious consideration I found smaller was better so I settled for a Honda 125i Click. It carries my big butt well and my Asawa fits on the back with no problem. It is very smooth and has plenty of power. We use it for our daily transportation. I would recommend any expat look at this bike. With full insurance I paid 92,000p. Any questions just ask...I would be glad to answer them. If you want to see it, I did a video on it at "Our Palawan Experience: I buy a Click on youtube.


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