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Hi there everyone, I\'m writing this on behalf of a friend of mine. This friend is currently being charged with smoking inside a public vehicle (jeepney) and oral defamation. His philippine lawyer told him to plead NOT GUILTY, which he did. He now has to attend 3 mediation sessions ordered by the judge. Because this is a minor offence my friend is considering just leaving the country and never comming back. Can anyone tell me (so I can pass it on) is it likely that an arrest warrant will be issued forcing him to return to face these minor charges or is it such a small offence that it will be ignored and a black mark placed up so that he will be arrested if he ever returns to the philippines. This is really stressing my friend out so your advice will be greatly appreciated. This is his first and only offense here.  

3 mediation sessions does not seem such a big deal, why not just go through with it, maybe make a friend in the process. But it seems the tip of the ice berg, it would seem there is more at stake here if he is willing to leave the country and not come back of a minor irritation on his personal freedom.

What is at stake here if he decides to just leave the country. Is it likely that a warrant will be issued for his arrest in another country for such a minor offense?

He will probably have a warrant, but it will only be served if he is in the Philippines.
If your friend wishes to leave and never come back, he is free to do so without fear of being brought back into the country. They will not go through the trouble of extradition for such a minor offense and it will not show up in his home country. It will more than likely get dropped after time in the Philippines as well. Oral defamation is just as simple as yelling a bad name to someone and most times is just a pain in the a$$ to deal with, which could be settled with a payment of pisos out of court. I am not sure about the smoking in public transpo. More than likely will just be a small fine. Neither offense is a reason to leave the country, but assure your friend that if he wishes to leave he will be free to do so and not to be looking over his shoulder when he gets home...

OK, not likely.

More information please, what country is he from? Does this country have extradition relationships with the Philippines? Is here on a tourist Visa or different? Does he live here or just visiting?

As you can see all information is required to make a decision, but a little snack money spread in the right circles will make the problem go away.


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