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American falls for buying marijuana
By Niņa G. Sumacot/JMO (The Freeman) Updated May 03, 2010 12:00 AM

CEBU, Philippines - An American national was arrested after he was found buying two dried marijuana leaves from a still-unidentified seller in Barangay T. Padilla evening last Saturday.

The suspect was identified as Robert Michael Tunnison, 50, of Michigan, USA. He is temporarily residing at Ferlin Village in Barangay Guadalupe.

SPO1 Willard Selebio of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group said they placed Tunnison under surveillance after receiving reports that the American was buying marijuana in Barangay T. Padilla.

Around 8pm last Saturday, CIDG operatives led by Sr. Insp. Ricky Neon proceeded to New Road in Barangay T. Padilla and subsequently spotted Tunnison buying the marijuana leaves from an unknown seller.

The CIDG operatives swooped down on Tunnison just shortly after the sale was consummated, but the seller reportedly eluded arrest. They found the dried marijuana leaves wrapped in paper.

Tunnison is currently detained at the CIDG-7 detention cell awaiting the filing of formal charges against him. - THE FREEMAN

\"after receiving reports\" probably means that he ticked off the wrong people.  If you\'re doing something wrong the easiest way to get caught is to anger someone else.  Be nice out there.  And you better leave the drugs alone.

Never touched the stuff, and was horrified to watch the homeless on the bridge outside Robinson\'s mall in Cebu getting high on \"rugby\". I think its thier name for glue -sniffing ?? What a way to live life.


Doesn\'t the immigration paper they give you to fill out on the plane mention something about death when drugs are involved?

And who needs drugs when there\'s Red Horse anyway.    ;)


--- Quote from: RUFUS on May 03, 2010, 07:26:37 AM ---Doesn\'t the immigration paper they give you to fill out on the plane mention something about death when drugs are involved?

--- End quote ---

Drug Trafficing = DEATH PENALTY - as it says on your documents you must complete to enter the country

but.. in a 3rd world country... whats \"trafficing\"?

In USA it may be 10 pounds !!! Here.. maybe 10 stogies can be trafficing.... better not even take a chance... Like Goyo said...

get high from that  - and less fear of death ...

This message is dedicated to that 20 yr old Bob-Marley follower/jailhouse lawyer who posted 1 or 2 years ago ! Hahahah


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