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Author Topic: After Yolanda finally got internet back  (Read 4062 times)

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Re: After Yolanda finally got internet back
« Reply #15 on: May 12, 2014, 09:25:11 PM »
Lee, sorry for your families loss, what a terrible thing for the family to lose anyone but especially a child and then not be able to recover the body. :( 

Happy that the rest of you made it out of the mess and thankful that your son was there to help with some supplies for you and to assess the terrible amount of damage and loss of lives. :(

There is not much anyone can say except it is obvious that govt never seems to come through when people need them and for the most part it is people like yourself who are the first responder's, God bless you for all you did for your family and your community.

@FMSINC glad you are safe as well, I guess what most of it comes down to is that we all need to be prepared for the worst at anytime and hope and pray for the best. 

Lee we will be waiting for your fingers to rest to read more. As I sit here I am just about in tears thinking of what everyone must have gone through and all the needless loss of life that mother nature can cause and the govt should have at least tried to prevent. :(
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Re: After Yolanda finally got internet back
« Reply #16 on: May 15, 2014, 01:16:52 PM »
From the time the storm hit on Nov.8 until sometime in January mostly we just survived.  I said before that my family was with me here in the house, after Christmas we found we could buy Coco wood and Tin so we started to rebuild their houses.  We were using the pede cab I kept here, we had 4 of them but 3 were destroyed by the storm.  Its amazing how much you can carry on one of those.  One of my brother in laws built his in kind of a family compound, his family are fisherman and they pretty much stick works good for them as they all help each the middle of this we started thinking about employment, most of the boats here were destroyed, some of the NGO's built fiberglass boats and handed them out but only to the fishermen that were registered with the government which was not the majority of fisherman (it cost money to register) .  As fate would have it I lucked out and found a boat builder who was starting on a new boat, it would be the first time he attempted to build a large boat but had much experience with smaller ones.  While he was building the boat (its about thirty feet long) we had to find a motor, I did not want to buy Chinese as I had experience with the generator I bought and had to fix something on that every other day.  We could not find the motor we wanted as all of downtown was flooded and the stuff they had on hand had been salt water damaged.  We ended up getting a 16 hp Honda from Manila when a friend of mine drove a new car down from there.  As of this writing we only have to put together one more net, it carries three, and we will be complete...It should provide a good living for his family as well as that of some of his relatives.
The other brother in law was a different story, he had some land given to him by his aunt after the storm, he is one of those guys that can do almost anything, but mostly is a driver and junk dealer.  His wife was pregnant and we took a little more time on his house, they stayed with us while we were building it but as of last week it was finished and a pretty nice house.  We built a large dirty kitchen which doubles as a Sunday family gathering place, lechon and red horse...ah

Its funny, the ones who want to work are working, the ones that wait for a hand out are still waiting...

Relief:  The relief from the Philippine Government has been very small and sporadic..there has been wholesale corruption starting at the barangy level and going an example, when the lcl barangy was giving out tickets to get relief, they skipped my house saying a American lived here and didnt need the relief, surly someone in the branagy was availing their selves of that.  I know for a fact that NFA rice was substituted for the class a rice given by the US and other countries.  In my brother in laws branagy the captain tried to sell the tents given out by UNICOR until and official from UNICOR found out and put a stop to it.  The same person was caught hording rice and can goods for her cronies and refusing to release supply's given by NGO's 
As I said before, there are 500 tons of class a rice given by the US and other countries in a warehouse between here and Palo, being guarded by the PNP and as of March 31 relief operations have been stopped by the government.  Most of us think it will be re-bagged and sold. 
The can goods given by other country's mostly have been sold and the government or their representatives substituted a tomato based shrimp sauce.  Canned food from other countries demands a premium price and has showed up in the shoppes in Manila.
I did the math, as best as I could fine and it seems that so far 171.6 million in usd (money and aid) has been given to the Philippines.  I wonder where it went. It surly has not shown up here.
There was a buddist organization from Taiwan (Tutshi i think and the spelling is wrong) that for about a month gave 500php per day to anyone that would help clean up..that got a lot of action, and did a lot of good, but about 40% of the people instead of doing the work showed up in the morning signed the paper, went home and showed up in the afternoon to collect their money..
Ingalsia Church gave a bunch of money to members, a relative got 20kphp to rebuild his house.
As I write there are still several NGO's here mostly manning the clinics and helping with the rebuild of the city (schools etc)
Doctors without borders, Save the children are two of the most noticeable..
Of course Im sure that there are efforts going on that I am not privy to.  But that said, I know enough people here that I usually get the scoop on whats happening..The Mayor has been outstanding in that he is doing his best but if you saw the rife with Rojas you know that his hands are somewhat tied,  He is a member of the Marcos family and for those of you thats been here a while you know what I mean...
Politics:  You would think in a situation of this magnitude that politics would be put aside, not so, in the months since the storm I and I'm sure some of you have seen some of the dirtiest political fighting since I have been here.  Its a damn shame.
 I know people that lost entire families.  The massive loss of life can be placed squarely on lack or quality of notification, misunderstand due to ignorance, apathy and lack of response by the government.  The massive destruction of the city and surrounding areas could not have been prevented. 
Having said all this, I can say that I am still very grateful that we were able to survive as good as we have, compared to many we are very fortunate, I have a good retirement, and my family pulled together....our losses were minimal compared to some and I thank God everyday for our good fortune.  Lee
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Re: After Yolanda finally got internet back
« Reply #17 on: May 15, 2014, 01:56:56 PM »
Good to have you back Lee, we were worried sick believe it or not. You are like family although we have not personally met. Maybe some time in future you'll find your way to Manila or we will find ourselves down in your neck of the woods and we will get together to slam back a few cold ones.

Again, extremely grateful to hear that you made it through the worst part. No one who has never experienced high level devastation will ever be able to comprehend what you are sharing and my heart goes out to your unwavering determination to help others. Our prayers continue to help you continue the struggles that will continue to follow for months and years.

God Bless Brother.