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Asian Spirit Airlines

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Mupusit, I remember my honeymoon at Bohol Beach Club way back in 1989.  All the signage at the resort was in both English and Japanese.  I just figured it was due to so many Japanese tourists coming there.  They used to fly down to RP to play golf.  It was actually cheaper to do that than to join a country club in their own country.  Nowadays I would expect the signs to also be in Korean.   ;D


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Funny, I took almost the same pict at the same spot at Tagbilaran \"airport\" more than 5 years ago.

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Hahaha! Look at the foreground. The same unfinished slab of runway is still cordoned off ::) That\'s a BIG Fokker you got there ;D

Gee, Keith, I had to enlarge the picture and you are right. The same corner is still cordoned off. The only difference between the 2 photographs, apart from the resolution, is the new decoration on the tail of the plane..........


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