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Wasn\'t sure where to put this one.

I am planning to change my stateside residency to keep from paying state taxes for the rest of my life while living in the Philippines.
I\'m thinking of changing to a Florida resident.

Has anyone ever done this and if so, could you please tell me what\'s required.
How long do I have to live there ect..

Any info would be very helpful.


I think all you would need is an address, bank account and a drivers license from Florida.

Go rent a small/cheap place in some little town open up a bank account and get a DL, maybe saving your utilities bills.† Then just hang out there as long as you wish to get your ducks in a row before you move to the Philippines.

BAM!!! you are a Floridian.


--- Quote from: GWG on June 30, 2009, 06:28:29 PM ---planning to change my stateside residenc
could you please tell me what\'s required.
How long do I have to live there ect..

--- End quote ---


In my work, once or twice a year I would need to establish someones residency in a different State for legal jurisdictional purposes.† It is really very simple.

\"Residency\" is a matter of subjective intent of the person involved.† In other words, if you can establish that it is your \"intent\" to be a resident of a particular State, then you are a resident of that state.† So, the question is, what will suffice as \"evidence\" of your intent.

You can claim a hotel room, a mobile home, a friend or relatives house... just about anywhere you could have a legal right to stay, as the address of your \"residence.\"† Then...

Change your driver\'s license, voter\'s registration, a few credit cards, to that address; Open a bank account using that address; put that address in your Will; Change a life insurance policy to that address; Change your auto registration to that address; File a tax return using that address; etc.,

You certainly don\'t need to do all of this... but change whatever is convenient to the address in that State, the more the better if the issue is ever challenged.† I have had clients get by on as little as a change of driver\'s licence and a USPS change of address request.

BTW - Texas has no State income tax, and to the extent if might be of concern to you, is one of the few remaining \"homestead\" States, wages cannot be garnished, and it has fairly liberal property exemption statutes.

Tom in Big D

† † †

Thanks Guys!!

Yea, Texas may be the best bet.
Tennessee is another option but not sure if their a \"homestead\" state or not.
I just know I can\'t continue to pay state taxes to a state I will never live in again, it makes me sick! >:(
It\'s bad enough paying Fed Taxes.

I just wish I would have taken care of this before I left.....word to the wise for all those planning to relocate.


Maybe I\'m missing something here? If you live in the Philippines full time why would u need to have any state as a Residency?† I am currently living in Florida and have been a resident for most of my life.† When I sale my home though. I doubt I can continue to use the mailing address.† I assume the IRS will consider my residence Florida until I tell them otherwise.


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