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Request for housing in Bukidnon, Camp Phillips, Cagayan de Oro areas


Hello everybody.

Due to a last minute change of plans I find myself looking for a 3 bedroom house in northern Mindanao. If anyone can refer me to an owner, etc who has a place available preferably in Bukidnon for the gf, myself and 3 children I would be most grateful. I would like to rent a place for a year starting in Mid May ideally. I\'ll be in Cagayan mid April to scout out possibilities and would very much like to meet some fellow expats in the local community there too. I was born up the hill in Del Monte area (a million years ago), now returning to retire and find myself  in need of various kinds of help and contacts

Thanks so much,  Steve

This should be a short thread as I\'ve been contacted by someone over in Damilag who knows of not one but two houses for rent there. So this is perfect for us. Gf and I will go over to CDO mid April and lease one of them for a year starting when my container arrives. Problem solved, wheew!

Thanks people,  Steve


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