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Hotel or pension rooms in Navatos?

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I\'ll be visiting Navatos City for short periods over the next year and a half, one week here and three weeks there, extending to visits of a month or two in years after that. Well that\'s if everything goes the way I hope and expect :).

I know there are large hotels in Ermita that I can stay at but I\'d really like to find a small hotel or pension where I can feel \'at home\' and maybe even leave some clothes to save having to cart stuff backwards and forwards every trip. It needs aircon (at least in the bedroom), small frig and hot shower. A kitchenette would be great - I like eating out here but on longer visits I\'d like to cook for myself sometimes.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thanks, Ken

Hi Ken

What kind of budget would you be looking at?

Getting what I want is more important than an arbitrary budget but I guess I\'d expect to pay somewhere around 500 - 750 a night with discount for extended stays.

Flt Simulation:
You may not want to limit your search to a Pension House or a hotel.

I can\'t speak for the Navatos area, but if it was me, I would look to rent a nice Apartell. That will give you someplace to cook too, and you can find some really nice Apartells that would be real comfortable.

As far as a \"Pension House\" ... Just about everyone of these places that bill themselves as a \"Pension House\" seem to be pretty run down and nothing I would care to live in. Maybe it\'s different in Navatos, but, from what I have seen, living in a Pension House would be my last choice.

Good luck on your search.

Gray Wolf:
Apartels can certainly be a good choice when available.  To give a more balanced view on pension houses, every pension house I\'ve stayed in has been reasonably clean, adequately equipped for basic creature comforts and very reasonable on rates.  Most have food available, some have allowed cooking in the rooms, and one in Baguio offered a shared dirty kitchen, which was really cool.

 I can\'t remember the name of it, but it was owned by a friend of my asawa Gloria.  It\'s located about five blocks from Session Road and about 5-6 blocks from the main market.  The first level had the office, owner\'s living area and a small carendaria style eating area.  Upstairs were all the sleeping rooms each with a private CR, centered around a large central dining room/sala with a large balcony area overlooking the streets below.  The dirty kitchen and clean kitchen were to the rear, with stairs leading up to the dining area on the second floor.  $8.00 a night in 2004. 


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