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Have any members ever used their US BLue cross policy in the PI?
If so, were there any issues?

I\'m weighing keeping my US policy vs buying one in PI.

I\'m sure a PI policy would be a whole lot cheaper.

Thanks as always for all the good info!

I\'m not from US, but I do have a Philippines Blue Cross medical insurance policy which I took out a couple of months ago. The coverage seems ok and reasonable value for money, but I am a bit sceptical about the competence and efficiency of the people who are running this business. Maybe it\'s just my sales contact and not the whole company, but I do have serious doubts about them and I really hope I do not have to make a claim on this policy (which I haven\'t even received yet).


US Blue Cross/Blue shield will not pay anything here.
Philippine Blue cross will.

How Much does it cost??? Philippine Blue cross


--- Quote from: intocebu on November 06, 2011, 12:52:14 AM ---How Much does it cost??? Philippine Blue cross

--- End quote ---

You can get an online quotation from Blue Cross Philippines:



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