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Welcome Lonnie.

You might try some of these links about yacht clubs and boat builders I\'ve had for quite a while.  While they may not all be exactly what you\'re looking for they may be able to steer you in the right direction.

Good luck

What kind of sailboat are you looking for? Traditional keelboat? or posibly something different? The Philippines traditional paraw has been pretty much been replaced by \"stink\" boats (pardon my french) in all but the smaller sizes

My initial plan was to sell my boat in Europe and have a 60-80\' paraw built in the Philippines

That changed and boat building is on hold until finances turn around and house gets built......

I now plan on a 40\' paraw as a day/overnight boat - it\'ll be 1/5th the cost of the planned 80\', as much if not more fun to sail and 1/10th the maintenence cost

Here\'s a 30\' paraw on the beach

another sailing

Video showing small paraw speeds possible
looks like a 27-28 footer¤t=PIC_0509.flv Small | Large

In US/European marinas, approx 30% of the boats never leave the dock most weekends; haven\'t  spent as much time around marinas in the Philippines but appears to be MUCH higher.
One of the reasons is that traditional keel boats (and power boats) for that matter are NOT comfortable to overnight on......think back to the most humid night you ever spent on a boat.....double the discomfort - UNLESS you install a/c on the boat, useless at anchor or on mooring unless you\'re gonna install a genset to drive the a/c

I\'m sorry BUT YOU WILL STEW on a inadequately ventilated western sailboat in the Philippines

You\'ll end up with a cruiser that you can\'t cruise in and use it as a day boat


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