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Beach Wedding

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--- Quote from: piozam13 on July 09, 2017, 08:17:18 PM ---beautiful!  congratulations!  where?

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It was at the Sheridan Beach Resort in Sabang (Home of the Underground River)

The groom is from Greece. It took a lot of paperwork, but they were able to return to his country. Of course, when your friend is a governor in Greece and he comes to the helped to get things done at their embassy here. It was a grand party. Filipino, Greek and American cultures blended together. Everyone got to dance to the music from their home country. Really cool.

Hi Vicks,
This may be late, but congratulations.  I'm sure it was a grand wedding.
You and your daughter are beautiful. 
I'm sure you are very eager to have a grandchild.
Congratulations again.

Hi Vicks  I just saw this also, many congratulations, lovely looking family.


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