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How to use the currency words piso or peso(s) correctly!

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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Folks, especially to travelguy!
Your English grammar and or misspelling wasn't so much of an issue and shouldn't be with just a few mispelled letters in a single word! Just post away to your hearts content and use the forum's spell checker on here!
The more the merrier, posters I mean and not too many mispelled words! ??? ;) ::)

Piso, peso as long as we do not double the s and leave off the o on piso then what difference does it make. :P

I had the same issue on another forum I was on years ago where people got pissed at me for using piso when that is what is printed on every bit of money I have seen in the Philippines. IMO no one has a right to nitpick on people for spelling or poor use of English, grammar or punctuation on a forum about the Philippines, where we the members encourage people from all countries to post and in many of those countries including the Philippines, English is not their first language.

Now with that said, it does appear that the owner of this forum wishes people to use spell check based on what I read in his Posting guidelines, so I do my best to comply, after all it is his forum, so he has a right to set the rules or guidelines.

--- Quote ---
5) Thou shalt check thy spelling and thy grammar.

--- End quote ---

Now the spelling I do check since I use Google Chrome as a browser, so it underlines misspelled words, which on some of my days are many but on most of my clear days I do not get any wrong but if anyone wants to enforce grammar or punctuation, then I would be in deep trouble.  ;D

Added, when using google translate piso comes up peso, so again what difference does it make.  ;)

Gray Wolf:
It makes no difference to me.  I do not intend to be the grammar or spelling police.

Just don't shortchange me.  I can count!     ;D  :)

programme - organise  - colour - analyse - traveller - fuelled - defence .............   all will produce a red underline depending which language your PC is set to: US or UK.
I don't think we can 'criticise' Philippinos for inconsistency. 


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