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Any U.S. Veterans on this forum?

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Zak Sparrow:
Hi great meeting all of you guys....I am former U.S. navy hull technician 1st class E-6 11 yrs active duty. 1982-1993 My 1st duty station was USS Knox ff1052 which was home ported in Yokosuka Japan, I spent 1 yr TAD to Subic Bay  SRF before heading to the USS Proteus stationed in Guam. I spent more time in the Philippines than anywhere else in my 7 years in the So. pacific and Asia. I was transferred to Trident Refit Facility Bangor Wa. for 3 years and my last duty got orders to desert shield desert storm ASU Bahrain and then aboard USS McKee AS-41. I've been returning to the phils every winter since 2007, still looking for a place to hang my hat. It's getting crowded in the phils and have to find a place where I don't hear a damn karaoke machine, I just can't tolerate the

Retired USAF 1966-1988. Overseas: Vietnam, Germany, England, Greece and Spain.  CONUS: Texas(2),Oklahoma(2), Montana, Nebraska and Alabama.


Retired Marine..67-70/ 78-95

Most of my time in the AF was spent on Okinawa with many many many TDY's to Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Malaysia etc.
6 years doing army support: Ft Campbell and Ft Belvoir
Spent a year in Saudi/Iraq with the 101st out of Campbell.  I retired in 2002 and have been living in Tagaytay Philippines for 13 months now.

Retired US Army 1981-2007, DOD Civ 2007-until now, moving to Pampanga--- :)July 2015


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