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Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: medic3500 on July 07, 2013, 10:32:52 AM ---Looking foward to it.  Ahhh B777 good airplane except those in San Francisco who might think otherwise now.

--- End quote ---

From preliminary reporting it appears it was pilot error.  He apparently came in short and clipped the jetty at the waters edge.  If you look at Google Earth images of San Fran airport, it sticks out into the bay with several approaches right up to the edge of the water.

We'll be flying Korean Air, some of the best pilots around.  No fear here!   :) 8)

John Edwards:
I am also going to be flying a 777 from Seattle to Seuol and on to Cebu, Asiana Air no less. First time in history I bought a returnable ticket and I am considering exercising that option.

Jack, when you get your Cebu trip planned let us know. I'll find a way to get there from Toledo. Should my plane make it all the way I should be well acclimated by then.

Gray Wolf:
Will do, bro!   :)   C'mon across the mountains to Cebu! 

I'm thinking of meeting for lunch at the Mooon Cafe in Ayala Mall.  That should be easy for everyone to find.  Once I set the date for my flight to Cebu, I'll let you guys know. 

The first round is on me!!   :D


Good on you Jack, let me know and I will either drive or fly over to Cebu, would like to get to meet some of you guys...Lee


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