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Thinking about a Toyota Tamaraw as basic heavy duty transport

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:, ready supply of spares  :)

Cons......old fashioned (who cares)....what else  :-\\

Don\'t have any answers just questions.  Would you please tell me all you know about this vehicle?  Not 100% sure but think I know what they are.  Are they still available new, and if so how much do they sell for?  I am intrested in a vehicle that can carry the family but can also haul several cavans of rice or etc.  Not fancy or fast just durable.  Does not have to be four wheel drive.
Information and or advise from any one will be appreciated.

 :) :)


Mike M.:
The Tamaraw is still available, but not normally in a new car center.  You usually find them imported, converted to left hand drive.  The look is like a tin/steel box on wheels with a squared front end.  They are not pretty, but they are exceptionally durable.  You can easily put 7 Americans or 11 Filipinos inside and rock on down the road.  They have 1.6 cc engines- most with over 200K miles, and can be purchased for 100,000, 30-day guarantee.  I see them all the time on the road and seldom notice heavy exhaust smoke.  The ride is stiff and the rear seats are back breakers.  I considered buying one in the past but instead bought a driver owned jeep that had 150K on it.  The jeep now has almost 300K on its tiny, greasy, wire hanging, 4 cylinder motor.  I paid 50,000 for the jeep and can only get 4 americans or 7 Filipinos in it.  If I were to do it all over?  I\'d buy the Tamaraw. My experience only.   Mike M.

I also want to build one of these for fun - NCF Blitz based on Suzuki Samuri

Some Tamaraws, some less boxy looking than others


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