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Things that upset us related to living in the Philippines

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yes lee thats my big issues here lack of stock examples. i got to jollibee lunch time they have no french-fries wtf no fries really . next i go pizza hut Robinson imus now this location annoys me the most , no ice , no banana for split,no fish for fish chips , no drinks they show on menu , no chicken for chicken and fries,no fries for meal deals,no pan pizza after 7pm they cant make a new one wtf:( , but my bigest one at pizza hut is the banana as they had promo if did online survey after eating you get code for free split every single time no bananas so i threw a fit last time told then to go grocery-store and buy a dam banana its 100 meters away at most. they did go get a banana. even mc'd's no breakfast and not even 10 am sold out omg does no one know to order ahead for the stores how can they run out its frozen supplies just store extra in freezers. i could go on and on and i only lived here 1 year and half but i accept it now sorry sir out of stock lol. the white people priceing also dont help had aircon guys quote me at the house 1100 to clean and replace a condenser gf gets home price all sudden goes down to 700

How about Duncan Donuts with no coffee out of stock maybe 5 days sir? Robinsons Supermarket 20 Feet away sells coffee guess its the culture

There are so many things that I read that upset some of us who are not locals, so I thought I would start this topic so members can vent., Venting just gives us a place to get it off our chests and it not necessarily complaining about the Philippines, more like wishing those things could change.

My reply in the New category added was off topic so I moved my post to this topic.
As for the irritating things about the Philippines, we, you and I and others who visit, see them more because we go back and forth and are used to customer service where we come from, here not so much. One thing that always burns me the most is to find an item on the menu in a restaurant and to ask about it, and then get a full explanation from the server as to what it is and how great it is, then when I go to order it, the reply is out of stock, which makes me wonder why the heck they went to the trouble of promoting it so hard, only for it to not be available  :o and how can a restaurant in a mall be out of soda when they can go downstairs and buy it and make a huge profit over the cost.  :o  It is more fun in the Philippines, but while I mention these things and others on the forum, I really do not let any of them bother me, I hope you can laugh at them too.

We eat at home like 95 percent of the time, so I dont run into the restaurant issues.  The absolute number one thing that chaps my ass is TRASH.  Its everywhere and nobody seems to care how it looks and what it does to the land they live off of.  From the provinces: Shitting, laundry, bathing and just throwing trash in the rivers and oceans, to the city where trash is a way of life.
Went to batangas and finally decided on a "RESORT" to enjoy a day at the beach, and I learned quickly the word resort does not mean the same here as it does in the USA or other countries.  Trash on the beach and trash in the water.
Drives my wife nuts too.


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