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Motorod, Rusi and Blaze.


Seen some nice little scooters around, the Motorod looks like an exact clone of the Sachs Madass, and the Rusi is really close to the Suzuki Raider, although the Rusi has a 2 valve motor with a 5 speed box, and the Raider is a 4 valve with a six speed box. I saw a really nice looking small wheel scooter called a Blaze, although I\'m yet to see a dealer in Baguio.

Thanks for the link.

I saw the Motorod on Sulit for PHP 45,000. The Sachs Madass in the UK sells for UK 1,800 (PHP 126,000) and it\'s exactly the same bike with different decals!

Rip off Britain strikes again!

Jeez are there any post where we don\'t get off the topic?  Please don\'t ask me to understand the economics of running a country, because or elected or appointed officials sure don\'t.  This includes the USA, Britain, France, Germany, etc. 


Colin, you are correct.  This is from our rules;

*No Filipino or any other nationality, race or religious group bashing is acceptable.*

Everyone that hasn\'t read our rules is encouraged to familiarize themselves with them.  In fact now would be a good time to do so.  You may find them at;,140.0.html

Now, let\'s get back to talking about Motorcycles.   ;)

BIKES BIKES BIKES! This is a bike thread I know, but just to clear things up a little...

Well Col, I too am a non flag waving Brit but I did cover economics while doing a business studies diploma so I have some insight. And I\'m sure you\'ll agree there are some products in the UK that are way overpriced (take CD\'s and DVD\'s for example) no mater what the economy.
I agree that country bashing isn\'t good and I\'d not bash any other than my own (and bashing people is not acceptable but I was bashed here on this forum), but freedom of speech about your own country is surely ok?  Ah well, I\'ll refrain from bashing my birth place again if it\'ll bring about world peace, amen!

Anyway back to the bikes, I\'m going to buy a Motorod for the bro in law to use, then when I return I\'ll have a little toy to get around on, pics coming when I return to the UK.


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