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Duterte signs law on free college tuition

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Would this work? I know that there are many costs besides tuition when a student goes to college, who would pay those costs?

--- Quote ---Congress assures funding for 2018 implementation

MANILA, Philippines - Free education in state colleges and universities edged closer to reality after President Duterte signed into law the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act.

Duterte signed Republic Act 10931 on Thursday night or hours before it would have lapsed into law today, despite concerns raised by his economic team about funding for the program.

The President asked Congress to make the necessary appropriations for the law, which guarantees free tuition and other miscellaneous fees for students in 112 state universities and colleges (SUCs) across the country.

Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno stressed the law would take effect next school year.

Citing figures posted by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), senior deputy executive secretary Menardo Guevarra said the initial P16 billion allotted for the program would be “manageable” to cover tuition and miscellaneous fees.
--- End quote ---

yes the tuition is free but college fees are not a niece of my gf got hers free then payed college 10k extra in semester fees they will always find ways to get even more money from the poor that are trying to get ahead extra costs can kill the education here so fast. i heard so many stories of had to quit school ran out of money could not pay for a test . imagine every test you take you need to pay extra for omg if that happened in usa there would be riots schools burned down. lol but it is what it is here and they just likeeverything else just accept it as reality and move on . also side note i know teachers here and they tell me that its the shool making money they get very poor pay compared to what they bring in to the schools.

Hope it works out for a lot of Filipinos but I doubt it will.

--- Quote ---Who can avail of free college tuition under new law?
Read the list at the link below
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I hope and pray this works out. I have three teenage step children two who are consistently in the top 5 of their class standings, number two is not far behind but not into books but can solve a Rubrics Cube in under 30 seconds every time.

Free education is already in effect. Although it is indeed helpful as it lessens the financial burden to poor families with kids going to college, it is somehow much better if they also cover the miscellaneous fees which are often more costly than the tuition itself. But generally, it's a good program. It gives hope to kids with big dreams but comes from families that don't have enough funds to send them to school. It's one of the incredible investments that the government made. Hopefully, the government will also look into the unemployment rate in the country and do something about it.


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