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How to load a home LTE device?


It seems everything has changed since last year on Smart, another thing that pisses me off about the Philippines, they never seem to leave well enough alone. First I used Unlisurf sent to 2200, then SURFMAX sent to 9999, now neither works on my home device, yet SURFMAX does work on my LTE phone, whatvthe heck is wrong with Smart that they keep changing?

I am still trying to figure this out, I have my wife sending Smart a message on facebook, lets see if they answer. What I cannot understand is that it works fine on my cell phone when I send SURFMAX299 to 9999 for a weeks worth of internet but the same will not work on my home wifi device that has a data sim in it, I guess I will have to get a new LTE sim made for phones instead of data, in the meantime I am sharing my phone data with my computer for these posts but it sure runs the battery down quickly when I do.

added, I put a data sim in the Iphone 5s and the SURFMAX50 worked on it to when sent to 9999, so it is something to do with home wifi units that I need to figure out.

Nila also sent them a message a while back asking if we could change our old sim cards to the new LTE Smart Buddy multi cut sims, they answered yes and to just go to any Smart location and they will do it for free as long as we have the original card the sim came with and we do.

Also Nila took her spare Iphone 5s in to JunRex to have the battery changed, we brought a battery for them to put in that I had bought on ebay before heading over, they charged one hour labor of p500, not bad when Apple in the U.S. would charge $69 or even $29 for people with Iphone 6's but only the discounted price after the debacle they had when people found out they had been slowing down older phones with their update.


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