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My Smart App and GService App downloads for your smart phone


The My Smart app for Smart and the GService App for Globe will make life much easier for those of us on prepaid plans who use androids or Iphones, download the apps at the links above and then see all the available plans that will then show on your phone. My wife and I are finding that having the apps make it much easier to find and pick a plan to use and also knowing our balance, knowing what plan we are on, knowing how much data we used and when the plans will expire. There are other uses for the apps including buying load.


My daughter in Baguio has the Smart Pocket wifi (post paid Plan 799 - 10GB data allowance) as a temporary measure. She has changed her rooms and moved across the hallway, but the room has not got an internet LAN feed from the house "box" just yet.

Last month she "ran out" and was disconnected. (She's used to the unlimited 10 year old plan we have in the house and didn't realise how little 10GB is in real terms.

I told her to go and see the Smart office where my wife took out the plan for her and ask how to "reload" as the Smart website FAQs said that was possible. The girl there said, and I paraphrase, "Tough, no chance, you're off to next month 15th when the 10GB allowance starts again, even if you pay early, you won't be reconnected until your renewal date."

When we were there last week Dad, armed with FAQ printout, went to said office, took a number and saw a very helpful guy. He said, no problem, take the pocket SIM card out, put it in your phone, register it on the Smart app, look for the "promo" and pick one that fits. Daughter understood what he was saying. If she runs out now, she can put one of these 50 or 100 peso offers on the sim, put the sim back in the pocket wifi and have the extra "whatever" GB.

Downside is, as it's post paid, the 50/100 Peso gets put on the monthly bill and mum and dad ends up paying whatever the number of add-ons. ;D


and that is why I like prepaid better, I find when it is loaded for a day or a week with SURFMAX rather than 30 days, they do not shut it down, just slow it down and with the app on the phone, there is no need to take the sim out as I can reload my phone, my wife's phone, my home wifi and a wifi I bought for my friend to use, and all from the app, I can register as many phone numbers as I want as long as I can get a text message confirmation number on them.


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