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--- Quote from: sussexrob on October 29, 2017, 07:06:16 PM ---Hi David690.
To be honest I was already hoping to have moved there permanently by now, due to my wife's commitments here unfortunately cannot fly out until February.  With regards to the construction of my house, I would have preferred to be there to keep an eye on things, but decided in the end to trust a building company in Davao to get things moving for me.  Told them what I wanted, e.mailed them my own drawings as to size etc,  I agreed to pay a design fee which included them obtaining the building permit, signed a contract with them after haggling over the total costs.   After paying the deposit, the work started late in September and have had family members there to check on progress, and the company are billing me monthly and updating me with a progress report.  So  far I am very happy with what is going on, just have to hope it carries on in the same way???

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Hi Rob

Know how you feel, I have ben trying to retire for the past 5 years.  Finally set a date of July earlier this year, but couldn't do it too many projects at work to finish, so extended to October, now its gonna be end of December.......
I was very fortunate with my builder.  I checked out several houses that he had built including his own which he lives in.  All good and I am absolutely chuffed with the end product, surpassed my expectations by a mile.  Which considering all the negative stories you read about, was a real result.
Our stage payments were tied to actual progress rather than a time scale, so once all foundations were finished a payment, etc, etc.

Wish you all the best and hope we can meet up once we're both settled in.


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