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The selfie generation

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I have never met a Filipina who does not like to take her own photos of herself and others, have you?

just look at any filipina's fb pages and her friends thats all they do every day selfies of them there babys they have monthsarys for everything any excuse to party i guess. my gf is not too bad but her 5 sisters and neices are crazy cant put the phone down . yes they are pretty but really do you need wakeup picture lunch picture diner pics and bedyime pics everyday i swear there is more cellphones per capita here than anywhere else . they are poor but must have a cp lol

I know, right... Personally, I could not stand continually seeing pictures of myself on my cellphone, computer, wall, toilet door or anywhere else they seem to stick them.  ::)

It makes me laugh when my partner and her friends get together and have to take selfies. :)

Steve & Myrlita:
Me? I hate pictures. Myrlita gets mad because I try to avoid pictures. My Dad was the same way. He hated them too.


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