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Reasons to be a member of a forum

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I have found that over the years I have learned a lot from other members of forums, thus, I feel it is very important to be a member, but besides learning, forums give us a way to give back to others for the knowledge we have learned, by helping others with our own knowledge.

So what other reasons do you all feel that there is for being a member?

All of the above.  On top of that, a way to kill some of the extra free time that the lazy culture here sorta forces on a person.

For me, this forum reminds me that I am not crazy!

Being immersed in another culture makes me feel like I'm nuts sometimes, because I'm the only one around who believes certain things and does things a certain way.

But being able to vent on here, and have other members sympathize, helps me to re-orient myself and soldier on.


--- Quote from: Lee2 on January 11, 2018, 12:15:18 AM ---So what other reasons do you all feel that there is for being a member?
--- End quote ---

Where else can I fashion show my sandwich sign?

It is a good place to get opinions and ideas about a variety of issues with a focus on being a foreigner in the Philippines.  Most of the posters on this forum seem to have a stable and diverse foundation of ideas.  No two are identical.   


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