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Reasons to keep a home country address

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I do not know about other countries but for Americans, keeping a U.S. address and preferably in a state that does not tax your earning such as Alaska,
Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wyoming according to THIS article can save an American a lot of headaches such as no drop dead SS notices if the money is deposited into a U.S. bank and with the right ATM cards, it can be withdrawn for free anywhere in the world.

Also some banks, some Credit Card companies and some investment companies require a U.S. address to keep your accounts open.

Keeping a U.S. address usually keeps your credit files open should you decide you need a loan.

Keeping U.S credit cards helps an expat from the need to transfer more money overseas, easier to just pay your credit cards online with your U.S. bank accounts. 

I am sure that there must be other reasons, anyone know others? and for those of you from other countries, what might be the reasons for you to keep an address in your country?

resident university rates.

I don't think your SS deposit going in to your US bank account has anything to do with those notices.  If might be where you have SSA deliver your mail to.  SSA and IRS delivers to me here.  My SS deposit and tax refund goes to my US accounts.  I got the SSA notice both of the first two years and I will probably get it again in a few months.  The first year I got it less than six months after starting.

If for some reason you still need to pay bills in the U.S. you probably need a U.S. address to be able to pay bills online.

I guess we should add something I forgot in my op, based on suzukig1 post in another thread, that it is also important to keep a U.S. phone number for your banks, credit cards and investment accounts, that can be accomplished a number of ways, Google Voice and any VOIP phone such as Magic Jack or others, I use a Magic Jack and a Magic Jack application on my cell phone, both work great for me while I am in the Philippines.


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