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Router Malware "VPNFilter"

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--- Quote from: Peter on June 01, 2018, 09:59:04 AM ---David.

Last time I had a fibre home connection for internet and telephone, I bought an adapter (splitter/filter) for the incoming cable. There were 2 outputs on the adapter, one a normal telephone jack and the other was an ADSL output for the ADSL router.

This meant I could use any compatible ADSL router of my choice, not what an IP tried to force me to use. (My choice at the time was a Belkin ADSL2+G.)

The adapter I used was made by "D-Link" and they have various models, with the connections depending on the country you are resident in. Not to say there aren't others, but D-Link was my preference at the time.

I have seen, but not in the Philippines, other adapters where you can connect, either of a laptop's LAN or modem sockets, to the ADSL incoming cable end. Maybe available on-line though, if anyone wants to go down that road.


--- End quote ---

Thanks for that Peter, sounds good.  Yes I had a D Link router before and was very happy with it.

There has been an update on the makes/models which are affected by VPNFilter malware.

See < > for latest list.

Stay safe.



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