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Bringing DESKTOP computer to the Philippines from the US RECENTLY

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Danson L.:
I am going to the U.S. in a couple of months, and I am buying an Extreme High End Gaming DESKTOP Computer. As everyone knows here in the Philippines the Bureau of Immigration rules, regulations, orders and restrictions change constantly, sometimes from month to month. The computer will be  Custom assembled in California, and no sales invoice will be provided to state the cost of said computer.It also will NOT be in any NEW packaging inside my luggage. My question is this: Has anyone recently (In the last month or so) brought a DESKTOP computer from the US to the Philippines, and if so were any charges of any kind placed on the DESKTOP Computer? Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Exporting most computers from the U.S. requires a license.  You also have to worry about it getting stopped leaving the U.S.  Laptops don't get stopped because customs assumes they're coming back and aren't being exported.

My opinion is that there should be no problem. Personal items, like a computer, should not be liable to tax.

I do not know the law on exporting or importing but the below might help on exporting. Computer software often is for US use only, that being said, I doubt there would be a problem with one personal computer but maybe better to call and check.

License requirements for exporting computers

Is a license required to export a computer?

Contact the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) at (202) 482-4811 to inquire about license requirements.

Alternatively, check their Web site for the list of controlled items. The section on Export Administration Regulations is where the list can be found.

As a general rule, laptops with standard software do not require an export license.  However, it is recommended that you contact BIS at (202) 482-4811 to confirm the requirements needed for your particular situation prior to travel or exportation.

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Big daddy Ray:
Immigrations and Customs are completely need to worry about Customs for dutiable items.....Well, I don't care if it's a supped up rocket ship you bring with you back from the long as it is a personal effect...then I would say it would be ok...When I moved to the Philippines in Oct 2015 I brought my 27" is a monster in size....I bought a hardshell mixer case that I could lock and packed it well.  Looked like a huge oversized suitcase. I put it in checked baggage on Delta in Detroit and picked it up on the carousel in Manila..I had 7 bags with a porter and a couple of his boys and we went right through the nothing to declare line and out to the van...they, (Customs)... didn't even look was my personal "New" CYA...I would suggest writing a letter to yourself from a bogus company stating the computer was "Repaired under warranty" and put it in the box...pack it well and bring it on....I for one...act like I own the airline and have no time for small matters such as "customs"....(for the record...I am not a smuggler on a bad guy.)...hahaha!...all I am saying...if you look nervous they will see it and ask you..."whats in the box" will be fine...just like iamjames's your personal property. You are not an exporter or importer of commercial goods...they shouldn't care. BUT...Don't pack any bullets....that would be no fun...hehehe!..Have fun and be safe!


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