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Foreigners: Law vs sexual predators pushed


This law is directly aimed at those of us who are not Filipino, be careful guys, being innocently with relatives of those we date or live with might end up as a major problem..

--- Quote ---December 14, 2017
TO PROTECT children from sexual predators, an ordinance punishing any foreigner who will be seen with a Filipino child unaccompanied by a Filipino adult was proposed by Davao City Councilor Avegayle Dalodo-Ortiz.

Section 3 of the proposed ordinance passed on first reading states that: "It is absolutely prohibited for a foreigner or group of foreigners to be seen or to be in the company of a Filipino minor or children when such child or children are also unaccompanied by a Filipino adult."

Section 4 of the proposal states that the law does not apply when the foreigner is a relative of the child up to the fourth degree consanguinity.

Persons to be punished include foreigner or foreigners violating the Section 3 of the ordinance, and any Filipino who knowingly places any child or children in the company of the foreigner without him accompanying such Filipino child or children.

Section 6 penal provisions indicate that each person violating the ordinance, shall, upon conviction, be imprisoned of not less than six months.

Having been approved in first reading, the proposed ordinance was referred to the committee on women and children headed by Ortiz for the conduct of committee hearings.
--- End quote ---

Guess this puts me at risk. I routinely go to the mall with either my teenage stepdaughter and son. Will have to admit I do get some strange looks when I'm with the stepdaughter as she is only 13.

Medic the law specifically states it does not apply to your situation "Section 4 of the proposal states that the law does not apply when the foreigner is a relative of the child up to the fourth degree consanguinity."



Is this not an ordinance authored by a City Councillor to be applied only in the City of Davao?

Is there not already a 'similar' Republic Act in place for some time, which applies to the whole of the Republic of Philippines, and which might be considered as being more harsh, depending on one's interpretation?

So why the need for a City ordinance?

The human trafficking watchdog based in the USA, reports that in the Philippines, Human Trafficking (cyber sex)  as being  on the rise - especially underage children. Not only by foreigners, but local families also. Sadly, a symptom of poverty - or supposed poverty. The HT watchdog provides funds to countries which are active in anti-human-trafficking.........

Being only the first reading, I would expect many amendments to this ordinance. What about all those young missionaries active in Davao City, operating 'schools' and 'feeding programmes'? Will they need some sort of exemption from this ordinance?

Further reading of the report, raises more questions. But I am perhaps too cynical.


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