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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
To add to my OP, I have nothing against solar powered systems, far from it! For me, it's the cost of renovating our home, because I still want to construct a terrace out in back with a trellis with adjustable solar panel arrays on top of the trellis!
Just imagine how much we would have to spend on constructing a terrace approximately 20ft x 60ft and trellis just slightly smaller than that with solar panel arrays on top at the entire back yard of our home with a view without any obstructions? I would roughly estimate it at over $40,000!
Our little home here in Sta Rosa, Laguna NCR of Luzon back in 1999 cost us about $70,000 (including our little lot of only 187 sq. meters) to build our home from scratch from start to finish in only 6 months, since our home is of a prefabricated construction building method with a Spanish style tile roof made from molded cement! 
So in other words, construction cost has risen about 40% since 1999, but it's still in the back recesses of my mind of the possibilities to still construct our future plan for a terrace, trellis and a solar powered system all at the same time, but within our budget and possibly during my lifetime! Anyways, It's all in the planning when one is still young and earning a good living to afford it to reap their investment after 5 to 7 years and or out of necessity in one's area with constant power outages! 
I just don't want to break into our piggy bank just yet, but we'll see in a few more years from now to determine if it will still be a go ahead signal! ::) :o

I couldn't find an actual similar design of our purposed terrace construction with a trellis and solar panels, but the below pics should to do to get an idea of what we want constructed in our back yard attached to our home:

Example of the trellis I want to be on top of our purposed terrace construction

My purposed similar solar panel array arrangement on top of the trellis


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--- Quote from: ronnsb on August 26, 2014, 05:59:28 AM ---I am seeing 5kw systems being sold there in the Philippines, but they say you need to email them for the cost of the kit. Let me know if you run in to any decent systems in the 3kw to 5kw range. Got to start out small! :)

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Hi Ron,
Here in Perth, a mid/high quality 5kW system, fully installed is about $7500  ( PHP300,000 )
Systems are normally "oversized".
You can see my system live..... here   
Maybe the power companies are scared of losing income if people become self-sufficient ?

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I saw your! And yes, I agree about the oversizing. I will be in the Philippines in Feb of next year and I will look into solar and pricing. My main job will be to get my girl on the internet, so we can save about $150 (PHP6,570) per month in communicating with each other!

You are probably right about them losing money if too many people start installing solar!


--- Quote from: lelang1130 on August 26, 2014, 08:33:56 AM ---Hi Ronnsb, great job on your girl! Installing solar panel is a must nowadays for places that usually runs out of electricity/black out just like my hometown in Camarines Sur! Please let us know how well things are doing once your solar panel has been installed.

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Thanks Lelang! I'm so proud of her taking on the initiative to do this! They have not had power in most of her brgy (close to Tapaz) since the typhoon last November, and just to get even a little bit of power would help. I am going to have to look up where your hometown is. :) I plan on being in Iloilo next Feb and I may have questions for your bro. I will definitely let you know when her system is up and running.

Here's a wonderful Solar Powered idea being availed of to utilise used Telephone Kiosks in the UK. It is designed to recharge Cellphones etc. as a short term solution - and is solar powered. When they get the new faster charger systems developed it will only take 3 mins to charge a phone.


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