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Bus Fares???


so how much does it cost to take a bus from Bislig to Surgiao City?  Does anyone know?  How about from Bislig to Butuan thence Nisibit where the Supper Ferry goes?

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This will give you a guide to prices

Nothing for Bislig specifically tho\' - figure between P100 and 300 for aircon bus

That\'d be Nasipit for the ferry......chump change but bus doesn\'t go to the port terminal.....need to get trike final coupla km from Nasipit bus terminal (about 3-4km) or get dropped on main road nearest the ferry terminal abd walk from main road (1km)

one mans visit to bislig

yeah that makes sense.  This chic I\'ve been talking to in Bislig is telling me the bus fare to the ferry terminal near Butuan is near 1,000p and near 400p from their to Surgiao City.  I swear, these girls think we are really dumb some times....well.....maybe sometimes we are!  LOL

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