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I was reading some old posts about owning a gun in the PI, while most posts talk about owning a gun for protection none discussed owning a gun for recreational shooting. I know of a few gun clubs and was wondering if any of the members of this forum have any experience with them in the Philippines. My wife has dual citizenship and I figured when we move I would have (her) guns imported by a licensed firearms dealer.

Gray Wolf:

There are lots of gun clubs in the Philippines and you certainly may enjoy the shooting sports to the extent your wallet allows.   ;)

Understand, you will not be able to own any firearms.  Foreigners are not allowed, by law, to own a firearm.  You may, however, use one for sporting purposes or to defend your life or the life of your wife, provided the firearm is legally registered to your wife.

When you find more information on importing a firearm into the Philippines for your wife to own, let me know.  I\'ve run into a stone wall in my efforts to find out how to do that.

Yes, I know I can\'t own any firearms. I\'ll have to wait until my next trip to find out for sure if my plan is actually possible. I figured I could go to an FFL dealer here in the US who could send the guns to a licensed importer in the PI. Once the guns are in the PI my wife can complete the required paperwork. I also have been toying with the idea of starting a gun club. We have some land in a rural area that would make a good range, again I\'ll get better info on my next trip. A pretty good source of infomation can be found at    I only have two hobbies - hunting and target shooting, I already know hunting is over once we make the move, hopefully I won\'t have to give up shooting as well. Everything has a price and if I have to give up on my hobbies to escape the grind and live the dream I\"LL DO IT. I have been keeping up with your picture postings recently, looks like your having a great time, I\'m jealous but happy for you.

Gray Wolf:
We\'re back in the US now and I\'m hating every moment I sit here.  We\'ve already been talking about another trip before another year passes.

Let me know what you find out about the export/import plan.   ;)

I don\'t know anything about guns, so please forgive me if my question is daft. There are loads of gun shops in Philippines, so why go to the hassle of trying to import a gun?



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