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We just waved goodbye to everything we own.....

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Well, not quite so dramatic, but a 20\' container just left our house in England with just about every stick of furniture, our clothes, and all my garage and workshop equipment inside. 

I hope we get to see it again one day in the near future.  :-\\

Queen Herald and Princess Herald will be flying over this Sunday, and I\'ll follow about six weeks later, by which time I hope we will have somewhere nice to live.

We currently have no beds, no chairs, no tv, no fridge, freezer or washing machine. We do have a computer, internet connection, a kettle, a radio, a microwave and a bag of (semi) frozen food, and some coffee.  ;D We should be okay for a few days.......

Far out!
I wish I was that far along...
I\'m hoping to make my move in 3-5 years...

Congratz !

Well done King, welcome to the real world  ;) ;D


Best of luck King, I have been wondering over the last few days how you\'ve been getting on with moving.
I presume your going back off-shore while the family heads to the Phils ?
Can imagine how busy your phone or internet will be as your wife gives you the day to day update on how she is getting on finding a place to live. Its a mighty big step to be taking and i wish you every success bud.
Keep us all informed how things work out,



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