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What are the Provisions concerning virtual call centers


Hi! I used to work homebased online jobs. The employer I had was a Filipino. He is operating a virtual call center. His company is not registered with SEC but he has asked his hired applicants to sign contracts under his company. My question is, is his company legitimate to hire and issue contracts? or is his company recognized at all? and how can an agent file a complaint if he did not pay the agent?
can the contract be considered binding ieven if the agent was not given a copy with the signature of the employer?
Please help, as me and† my friends have been threatened by this employer for breach of contract which have actually lapsed 6 months ago. The employer has capabilities of forging the signature and has some \"connections\".


I would advise for noone except a Filipino Licensed Attorney at Law to answer these questions. You need an attorney, are you in Cebu? I could get a suggested Attorney for you.



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