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HP has most of their call centers now in the Phils also. While I was still with my ex in the US I was on the phone with them.  This is after I was here for a year for work.  I could not tell.  Whoever it was did a very good job helping me with my issue.  But my ex could tell immediately that the woman I was talking to was pinay. 

In the middle of my conversation(on speaker phone while my hands were on the 3-in-1 printer looking for numbers and all) I hear my ex softly say(she's filipina).  I give her a questioning look and she just nodded with a smile.  So next break in the the talk I ask "Pinay cuba?".  After a pause she said yes, but I cannot talk tagalog on the phone.".  Made me laugh as I told her I couldn't tell, but my pinay wife could.  That made her very happy.  Could her the smile in her voice.

I then asked her if all the phone centers were in the Phils.  She said almost.  The US daytime repair call centers were still in India(this is about 2011).  Sure enough, called about a week later and could not understand every 3rd word out of the mouth of the Indian I was talking to.  Waited till about 7pm to make the call again and back to the Manila call center.

I've noticed that they have lowered many of their qualifications for hiring, I have 7 years call center experience and sure would like to but I've never run into anyone on these expat boards that claims or has had one of these jobs. 

Great points on comprehension, it sounds like they're speaking great English but they can't understand some of the things I'm asking them, I usually give up.  Another way you can tell if the call center agent doesn't speak hardly any English... they'll pretend that they can't hear you.        :-X

Accent rather than comprehension is the main problem. The Philippines is far more suitable than India as their accent tends to be very clear and defined.

I live in the Cincinnati area.  And when I call Cincinnati Bell, my internet provider, a PI call center picks up.

I have to admit I did get a laugh out of this:

The company I use in Sydney, Australia to send my money fortnightly over here to the BDO account uses an international company called RIA.  I was advised that they needed an update as to my source of income etc and to call a 1800 number.  This is a toll free number used in Australia.

Well, I called and was greeted by a familiar accent, to which I asked, are you in The Philippines...."Yes sir"

So I used my mobile phone to call an Australian number (at a cost) and the call was sent through to a Philippine based call centre (FREE)

I could of called them from here in Sta Rosa, Laguna on the bloody landline for free if I had known. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Attached is a youtube video sendup of Telstra relocating call centres to India, they have since relocated to Philippines also.



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