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Microsoft skips Windows 11, announces Windows 12 in early 2019

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I am still happily using 7 and IMO it would be great if I never have to upgrade, heck I have friends in the Philippines including some knowledgeable expats still using XP and seem happy to continue, as long as business sites will continue to support it, most of the ATM machines in the Philippines still run on XP.

--- Quote ---Windows 12 is all about VR
Yes, you’ve read that right! Our sources from the company confirmed that Microsoft is planning to release a new operating system called Windows 12 in early 2019. Indeed, there will be no Windows 11, as the company decided to jump straight to Windows 12.

The reason behind this name is rather a symbolic one. Windows 12 is the bridge between the classic Windows OS and the new innovative OS. It marks the beginning of a new era in personal computing: the VR era.
--- End quote ---

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
VR Era? I've never had any need to strap on a VR headset to my head, but I guess it's coming to teach this old dog new tricks.  ;D
I'm still a diehard fan of Windows Vista, which still hasn't given me any problems even without any tech support.
I still find Windows 10 a pain in my rear to use and now 12 is coming in early 2019 with this VR stuff! Will there be a VR handset that can be strapped on for VR physical sensations? That would be interesting for sure.

What I can't understand - no, tolerate is a better word - is the arrogance of u$.

They are planning to release yet another version of windohs when they haven't got the basics correct on anything after XP. Or win 7 in the respected views of others.

I "have" to use "doh 10' as it came pre-installed on my (2016) Lenovo laptop. BUT..... after doing "must do" win 10 stuff, using new programmes that are not back-compatible, I restart the new one in Linux Mint. As as now! :)

Of the other 2 older machines I have, 1 runs XP without any problems and 1 has a permanent Linux O/S. All are quicker on boot up and XP takes a lot less HDD space than doh 10.

But to each their own.

Peter - Born in the first half of the last century and not ready to be dragged into the u$ view of this one.  Not just yet anyway. ??? ??? ???

Technology is only going to continue to speed up.  My first computer dealt in bytes.  Just bytes.  A megabyte hard drive was huge.  Then we moved to megabytes.  Then to gigabytes.  Now terabytes for a good sized hard drive. 
Same is true to the screen graphics, the sound cards, the processors, the memory, and everything else related to computers.
The VR age is coming and it's much sooner than I think most of us are ready for.  Video game systems are already set with it and making games for it where you need them.  These are our teenagers that "need" the VR headsets to play games.  They will be adults and working and buying things for their lives in 10 years.  In 20, most first world countries will have at least 1 VR headset in their home.
I actually was curious about these when I saw them on Lazada being advertised.  These things are going to be big.  Talking of them being used in everything.  From 3D HD movies being seen in them to their use in the corporate world where rather than traveling to a meeting somewhere you will be in a virtual board meeting from your office or home.  They are already in gaming and other industries like porn.  There is talk of using them along with some very minor robot setups for much more than just porn. 
Then stuff like sims when that game was big(never played it, but understand it to be people living in a virtual world through avatars on a screen) but in 3d and much more involved.  I think this is as dangerous as it is good.  Can see a lot of introverts staying in their homes and living in fantasy worlds instead of the real one because so much is able to be made real with what's coming.
Also, the same introductory AI that will be needed to do all of this is going to have an impact in medicine also.  Big time.  By introductory AI(it's what I read it described as in multiple articles, but do not like the name) what is meant is not true AI, but a very in depth programming concerning stimuli and responses.  By the thousands.  Siri, Cortana, and more are those types of programs that can recognize voices despite the accent, and understand not just the words but the meanings of them when put together and then respond accordingly with proper wording.  The recent video that was on this site from Lee I think about what Google has where a very human sounding voice can call and set appointments is another version of this introductory AI. 
The medical society is working very hard on using that type of computing with nanobots/nanites inside the human body.  There are many avenues being researched to do this and it will only take one breakthrough for the industry to be able to help a lot of people with serious diseases and medical conditions to find peace. 
And all this is getting a lot of attentions through things like VR.  And the more people spend money on VR and it's tech the more the research for it is going to cross over into other fields and as the old saying goes, rising water lifts all boats.


--- Quote from: Peter on May 21, 2018, 09:15:21 AM ---What I can't understand - no, tolerate is a better word - is the arrogance of u$.

Of the other 2 older machines I have, 1 runs XP without any problems and 1 has a permanent Linux O/S.
Peter - Born in the first half of the last century and not ready to be dragged into the u$ view of this one.  Not just yet anyway. ??? ??? ???

--- End quote ---

I believe many or most ppl that are really computer savvy will consider and often times use Linux of some flavor.  It is much simpler and robust these days.  For the person that has the knowledge and ability to re-image or build from scratch one of these complex machines (probably the most complicated machine most ppl personally touch)  it is stronger, better,  and so on.  It is like in the old days when by surgery we would place a Porsche engine into a VW beetle car.  After it was working,  it was awesome albeit might need a special mechanic in case of trouble.

Do you mean arrogance of u$ or Micro$oft ?


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