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Trying to send money to Olongapo but...

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--- Quote from: robbie_d on May 22, 2019, 01:16:21 PM ---I ended up using W.U. and paid CAN$12.00 in fees. Not too happy about that. I told her to open a bank account and then get a paypal account but she seems to have a real problem to open a freeking bank account. I told her to open a Union Bank account because they allow paypal (so i read on this forum). She went to the bank but they wanted to know her source or proof of income. She is not working, so she feels unable and discouraged to get an account. I contacted the bank, myself, to ask about that and they never responded to my email. Is opening a bank account such a major issue in The PH? What's up with that?

--- End quote ---

As long as she has the minimum deposit to open an account, proper ID, and proof of residence (electric bill, water bill etc..) it should be quite easy

Hey JJ,
Yea? Well, she told me they sent her away because she had no proof of income. She was all set to deposit PHP7,000.00

Aww, crap, JJ.
I  was responding to my own response when i suddenly hit some wrong button and POOF my long response vanished. DAMN.
Maybe it's for the better as i DO now see the need for shorter posts.
Anyway, i think she was going to use her former Olongapo address, and i told her to go back and use her last job at Jollibee as a proof of income, but i am still waiting, since after the rains stopped in early May, when i sent her the money.
I told her "Open a BANK ACCOUNT and get a paypal account ASAP".

Would the bank verify her address and employment?


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You verify the address and employment to the bank by providing your wage and earning statement from your employer and a electric/water bill/etc.  The banks here are way behind USA/Canadian banks in terms of how they function.  Using statements/bills from the past may not prove current employment or residence.


She is now living alone in her mom's second house which is being renovated because her mom threw her and year 2 year old out of the main house.
So she has no official address. No utility bills in her name. No job because she is a full-time basically homeless mom, now. WTF?
Her mom threw her out because the mom wanted more and more money from her.  WTF?
I know this is all true because i saw the photos of where she was in the mom's house and where's she's living now in the house being renovated.
She has a bit of money left, now.

Should she be going to a Women's Shelter if the mom threw her out with a 2-year-old, and she can't look for work, or even WORK, with a baby on her back? WTF?

Where is all this famous "family helping each other out" i keep hearing about?
I got her a passport - that is paid off.

So, i guess she'll go to an agency and risk being a "sold-out" slave-maid in the Middle East and risk rape and being beaten. Her mom wants her to do that i think. Do they even CARE about their daughters.
So many reports of Pinays being raped (and she's a 5'7" tall hottie with hair past her butt), beaten, starved and even murdered as maids in the Middle East and even Singapore. What an EFFed UP place that is! 

She was doing fine until someone DROPPED her son on his head and needed the hospital and then she decided to go live with her mom BUT she quit her job to do that, and now she's really stuck.


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