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Current rental costs in Tagaytay


Hey gang, Not many posts in this area in last couple years. I have a friend back in US that is coming here in Oct/Nov. He is wanting to live in Tagaytay area & is interested in rental costs. I live in Eastern Samar & have no clue as to the answer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

If there are no local expats that will chime in, might I suggest Facebook marketplace as a place to start.
It will not be all-encompassing, but it may give a ballpark idea of the going rates.
Of course, boots on the ground should reveal better places at lower prices.


--- Quote from: FRaymie on August 21, 2022, 01:14:28 PM ---...He is wanting to live in Tagaytay area & is interested in rental costs.

--- End quote ---

Depends what he wants but try this as a starting point:

 - you can tune to your requirements. It will at least give you some idea of price ranges.

I don't want to state the blinking obvious but please do go and check the property in reality if you're considering a landed house - at least a drive-by. Nothing worse than arriving at "the perfect property" to be greeted by your neighbour's five guard dogs, all barking their heads off! ;)  (Well, actually living there would be worse!)

Scan the area for large karaoke machines, motorbike traffic, funky roosters strutting their stuff, and localized burning of goodness knows what...sadly that rules out a lot of the Philippines... ;) ;)

I tend to stay in condos, and go as high (level-wise) as I can!  :)

Good luck!


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