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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
« on: November 09, 2012, 07:21:33 AM »
Hello!  Welcome to Living in the Philippines Community Forum!

If you are new to the forum format you may feel a little lost for a while as you feel your way. At the top of the page next to the “Home” button is “Help”. This will answer many of your questions so please spend a few minutes to check it out. 
But let’s begin with some basics to get you started.

Why am I called a “Newbie”?

All new members start with this rank. The "Newbie" rank is so the Moderators can decide if the new member wants to join for valid reasons or just joined to post spam, etc. After making 3 valid posts, a "Newbie" goes up to Full Member rank.  After 50 Posts, they go to "Sr Member" Class. That's the top of the line right now.

Why do some members have a photo or image under their name?

At the top of the page is the “Profile” button. This is where you access your personal info and settings. Some fields or settings may have been missed or not understood when you joined. Adding a photo or avatar is something most members choose to do. To add a photo or avatar, click on “Modify Profile” and select “Forum Profile”. Here you can choose to add a favorite photo from your computer by clicking on the “Browse” button and selecting a photo in your collection.  Or you can choose an avatar from our online gallery, specify an avatar by providing the URL, or by uploading an avatar you already have.  Avatars are pictures or gifs that you choose usually to represent your personality or identity. They can be anything from a silly cartoon to a celebrity photo or anything in between.  A good place to start looking for a suitable Avatar is at

Why is the Forum date/time displayed wrong?

Our forum members come from all over the world, with all the different time zones. You will need to change this for your individual location. In “Profile” select “Look and layout settings”. Here you will see “Time Offset”.  Select “auto detect” to synchronize to your location (Philippines is 0).

The posts are displayed showing the oldest 1st with the newest at the bottom?

To change this so that the newest message is shown at the top, go to "Profile" then "Modify Profile".  Click on “Look and Layout Settings” and check the box ‘Show Most Recent Posts At Top”.
  Then click "Change Profile" to save your setting.

I don’t have time to check through all the folders each visit

At the top of the “Home” page you will see “Show unread posts since last visit.”, as well as “Show new replies to your posts”.  By clicking on  this you will see the most recent new posts since your last visit.  Also, there is a button on the right side of at the beginning of each topic page that says “Mark Read”.  By clicking on this button you will clear out the “unread” posts, setting everything on that page to zero.  Then when you login the next time, you will see a true picture of new posts by clicking on “Show unread posts”.   

I hope these pointers will help improve your experience on the forum and I look forward to reading your posts!
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