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--- Quote from: uk on December 10, 2009, 07:00:38 PM ---hi all

here is a quote i got for insurance from BPI

PERILS                                     COVERAGE                                  PREMIUM
fire & lightning
building                                     10,000,000                                9,000
contents                                    2,000,000                                 2,000
earthquake                                12,000,000                                 12,000
typhoon                                    12,000,000                                 6,000
extended coverage                      12,000,000                                 1,200
robbery                                      2,000,000                                  4,000

on top of these prices you will be charged 13% document stamp and 12% vat

--- End quote ---

If this quote for a single-unit house?

Are there deductible amounts on these? Are there any \"insurance is void\" clauses like in Mr. Lee\'s policy:

\"...the insurance is void if we are away from our home for more than two weeks...\"


Hello Tom and every one else,

Yes, I\'m a retired fire captain from a mid size city in the mid west, I have been retired for a number of years and now live near Branson, Mo.. My wife is getting a home in Bulacan and we hope to move in late 2010. Have a good day,  Bill

$1,000/yr +/- for approx $250,000 total loss coverage?? Not too far from US rates.

Same questions as Billy... Is this single family dwelling, multi-family, condo, etc?  What is the deductable?  What are the exclusions?

And the really fun questions... do they ever pay a claim? and what can you do if they don\'t?

Does anybody have coverage on any dwellings (other than ezArt\'s fire ins)?  Has anybody ever had any kind of insurance claim paid in the RP?

Tom in Big D

sorry it been awhile here\'s the answers to some of the questions
the quote was for a single detached house.
you can be away from the house as long as you wish.
i had a claim  last year typhoon damage this is what happened surveyor come round looked at damage 2 weeks later builders were here doing the repairs did not cost me a peso. (this insurance claim was with vista land not BPI)


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