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Hi Everyone!  My name is Larry Schmidt and I have actually been a member of the group for many, many years but I don't post much and mostly just read the digest when it arrives.  A little about myself and my family - I was fortunate to be a sailor in the world's finest Navy and retired in 1991.  I started my career as a Seaman Recruit and finished as a Limited Duty Officer (LDO) Lieutenant.  If not for the Navy, I would not met my beautiful wife, Zeny, who I married in September 1975.  In just a few days we will celebrate our 43rd anniversary.  We were married in Zeny's hometown of Santa Catalina, Lubao, Pampanga.  We have 2 grown sons who have their own families and they have blessed us with 3 grandsons (with a 4th grandchild on the way).  We settled into Winter Park, Florida and I had a second career as State Corrections Officer at the Central Florida Reception Center - a very interesting and challenging vocation.  I retired as a Corrections Officer in 2009.  Since that time I have done a number of things (mostly for fun) such as driving boats for Walt Disney World.  Now, Zeny and I operate a home day care center but we probably won't do it much longer as we are getting up there in age - I'm 66 and Zeny is almost 65.  I would love to retire to the Philippines but Zeny can't bear to leave the grandbabies.  As the old saying goes, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

Anyway, we are coming for a visit in mid-November and will be staying until mid-January.  We don't really have anything planned.  At the top of my bucket list is to visit Corregidor.  I told Zeny that I don't care if I have to go by myself but I am going to Corregidor this trip.  I am an American history buff and I have to get there.  On another subject, I have a question for the group and I hope someone will have some input for me.  Zeny has dentures which need to be replaced and we would like to do that while we are visiting.  Does anyone in the group know of a good dentist or company that manufactures dentures in Pampanga or Manila?  Our schedule is flexible and we have plenty of time to get it done.  We can go anywhere on Luzon if necessary. 

Well, I guess that I have blathered on enough.  I will try to post more frequently but it is more difficult when I don't live in the Philippines.  I sometimes have no idea what all of you are talking about but I will try to contribute. 

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me and God bless all of you.  Larry Schmidt

Great first post Larry.  I hope you and Zeny enjoy your upcoming trip.

As to the dentist...some on here live in Manila and will probably have good suggestions.  What I've found is that even the average dentist is much better in the Phils than what I've experienced in the USA.  Had some work done when I got here including a couple needed extractions.  They all were done much faster and with less pain and discomfort than what I had to deal with when I had one tooth extracted when I was in the US as well as my wisdom teeth I had extracted.  Those were very painful memories each.  So probably not going to be too hard to find a dentist that can help with Zeny. 

All that said, I suggest you follow the suggestions on here.  When it came to getting plates, I did make a mistake by using the "local" guy who made them.  I had to go back a lot of times to get adjustments and even when all of them were done they were messed up so fundamentally that the still were not positioned right when in.  So I had to go to the neighboring city to get a pair made.  So for the dentures, you are on the right path to ask for suggestions.

Mabuhay Larry!. 
Re Corregidor,  there are tourist group (with commentaries and food etc.) packages that will take you out there and back.  You may be able to "personalize"  your trip by hiring a guide so you can chose how to spend your time.  They go often.  You can arrange that when you get to Manila. 
I've availed of services of dentists and yes, they're good. Sorry I can't remember names/clinics I've been to. 

Thanks so much for the information.  I have found a few websites for dentists and denture labs in the metro Manila area and they claim to cater to foreigners who come to the Philippines on "dental holidays."  I was a little bit apprehensive but your posts are reassuring.  If any of the group have any specific dentists that they recommend, I would be very appreciative.  And, thanks also for the information on Corregidor.  I have done some checking and it appears that Sun Cruises are the big tour operators to the island. 

Once again, thanks so much for the help.

I've not used her services but a couple expat friends go to Dr. Tey at Smile makeover
In Angeles City. They were happy with their experience.



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