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I could hardly get my reply in because of the last two posts but I agree with Frosty.  I was already in the Navy when they started random drug testing.  All you heard was moaning and groaning over it.  At the same, to me anyway, it seemed to cut down some of the crap.  I did not say it eliminated it.  I can tell you though, that I know there were guys working the flight deck at night crawling down in to some hole somewhere doing pot.  After the testing got going, they were either hiding out better or quit doing it out to sea. 

Gray Wolf:
Taking a pee test one day out of 365 doesn't mean that the drivers will not be drinking the other 364.  It's a sham test designed to make others "feel good" about those receiving a license, and of course it makes money for the clinic or doctor who contracts with the LTO.  I'd like to see their process to find out just how the fee is spent.  I'd be willing to bet that 95% goes into someone's pocket

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
When I was still in the military I experienced what they called random drug testing!
If it was so random, I don't know why I was picked so often and I didn't even do drugs!
I have to renew my RP driver's license this year! I hope I can time it right and fill up their
little bottle at the first try! If not, it'll be a long day!  :o ???

Well, maybe they need to start taking samples on the side of the road when you get pulled over.

That's not far fetched Bud. I came from a small nothing there state except NASCAR. The laws are pretty straight forward, if you are pulled over for anything and the officer request sobriety check, and you refuse the officer has a couple of options. 1 he lets you go with a ticket. 2. he places you under arrest confiscates your license and takes you to the designated hospital where blood is forcefully collected if you don't cooperate. I don't agree with it and also feel it is a total invasion of privacy. I come from the medical field and worked with many cops on a regular basis many which I had absolutely no respect for as they routinely abused their power. The Constitution has slowly been eroded to a piece of paper without merit. Illegal search and seizure doesn't hold up in court anymore, freedom of speech is a worthless clause, and now the right to bear arms is being taken away. It's not going to get better. That's one reason I moved here at least if the same thing happens here I expect it and it doesn't come as a surprise.


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