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What is this........................... dylanaz, post credits in trying to be the king of the hill in des her parts????  ::) ;D

J/J!!!!  ;D

I saw a rebel once... He yelled at me \"HEY JOE!\"
... so I ran away !  ;D

There are some parts of the Philippines you should not want to live in, some places not safe for a visit and remember just because a gf of fiance is from the area does not make it safe. You are white, perceived as rich, whether you are or not and become a target for those who have less than you. \"caveat emptor\" Buyer beware, if you go in there and you don\'t come back, don\'t say we did not advise against it.

Most of our Bisayan wives/girlfriends would not wish us to travel to vast areas of Mindanao.......Bisayans have lived along the Northern coastal areas.
AS such they will have had the most difficult times with conflicts in these areas. As such they will be reluctant to travel there, even MORE reluctant for us to travel there. Even if they have family in an area, THEY may be comfortable in visiting BUT not want you to do so........LISTEN to your g/f.

I recall that Lonely Planet does not recommend travel WEST or SOUTH of Iligan City. Davao excepted.

Consider this; in locating to Dipolog City, your wife/gf will also be a stranger there......If you need city comforts CDO (6 hours east) might be a better location.


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