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I don\'t know where to post this topic, moderators you may move it to the right place!  It\'s been a while since i last visited this site!  

I have a brother in law that moved to the Philippines last September 2009 after meeting his girlfriend in Isabel, Leyte. He sold his place here to have money and start over there.  There is no job here in the US anyway and he was almost 62 so he decided to just retire in the PI.  I will give the details of the complicated story later...

To make the story short, he died of cardiac arrest two days ago.  He asked to have his body cremated and be shipped back to his family here.  My sister was helping with the funeral services in Cebu right now.  My question is, what\'s the best or fastest courier for shipping ashes and his personal effects?  And how to report the death of a foreign national?  Because i\'ve heard that it is necessary to have it reported to the US embassy.  Thank you so much for your inputs.


Sorry to hear your loss.

+011 632 301-2000

Embassy direct number - can report death us a us citizen by following voice prompts.

Thank you... Really appreciate it...

Another question:

Have anyone here shipped ashes to the US?  What airlines? Thank you again!  The route would be from Cebu - Salt Lake City.

Hi everyone, this reply might be a bit late now but for future reference this could be a good information for someone out there. This is from my own personal experience from last year when my husband passed away in Makati. He was British and became a US citizen. When a foreigner dies in the Philippines, the crematory facility takes care of everything including contacts with the embassy, it is the law as I was told.  In our case because he was a US citizen at the time of his death then it was the US embassy that was notified.
I brought his ashes back to US myself handcarry in a marble urn, I just put it in a bag. No problem at all coming back here in US. If you need to mail the ashes back to US or anywhere in Europe or Australia, any of the shipping carriers will do it like UPS or FedEx.
I hope this info helps. My late husband is in a better place now, no more pain and suffering from the horrible MS.
Happy New Year to everyone and have a great day.


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