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Carmen Maynard (binayadong) has passed


Gray Wolf:
At 5:30 this afternoon I received an email from the husband of Carmen Maynard (binayadong) advising me that she passed away May 16 in Angeles City of an apparent heart attack.  Here is his email to me:

 Hello Jack,

My name is Joe Maynard, husband of Carmen.  I feel I should inform you that Carmen passed away in Angeles City on May 16.  To the best of my knowledge she suffered a heart attack.  She was in her home country after 30 plus years and was truly enjoying herself. 

Please cancel her membership on Living in the Philippines.

Thank you,Joe Maynard

I passed along deepest condolences from myself and the group.  It's sad to think that she was only in her home country for a short while when she passed. 
Everyone hold close those you love  You never know when it could happen to you.



Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I just woke up late today around 9 am and started to check my emails and I too received an email from Carmen's husband Joe! it was truly a shocker to hear that Carmen passed away while on vacation here in the Philippines, it's been only since May 10 or 12 that she arrived and at the hottest time of the month too!
We've been emailing back and fourth before her coming to the Philippines! I was hoping to meet up with her when she made it to our area!
I know now why she didn't respond to my emails after her arrival. Really sad she and her husband both did not make here to retire, which was their plan after 40 years out of touch from family in Manila!
Life is truly full of uncertainties, because one just never knows what is just around the corner as we get older! May she rest in peace and I hope Joe's painful grieving will also pass in time! 

Steve & Myrlita:
My sincerest condolences to the family. May God give her eternal rest.

My  condolences to her  family it sure makes you stop and think for sure.

I am truly saddened to hear this. Our deepest condolences to her family.


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