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Setting up a scholarship fund

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--- Quote from: rlay1 on June 15, 2018, 11:45:14 AM ---Thank you to everyone who provided their input.

By way of update, we met with the principal last week and she advised us that there was already a similar scholarship fund set up at the high school. So we will just piggy back off the same terms and conditions.

P500 payable monthly across the school year (P5,000 pa), plus school fees of P550.

The principal will initially select a Year 11 and a Year 12 student. The intention is we will also see them through to college.

So we will start off with two students this year, pick up a new Year 11 student next year and every subsequent year thereafter.

We have SIL over there so she can keep an eye on things.



--- End quote ---

Well done. Sounds like a workable plan. The trick is to have those reliable "eyes on", when the money is handed out. Maybe inform the Principal that you will review how it is working after the first year, then decide how to proceed thereafter.

Good deeds always beget good Karma.



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