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My son-in-law uses, in the UK, a site called "ShowBox" to download or stream media on his iPad.

While he was here, we managed to install the android version of the application on my tablet, but it wouldn't install on the windows laptop.

Eventually, we found a programme named "BlueStacks", an android shell which runs on a PC or LT windows machine. Then we installed "ShowBox" into "BlueStacks" as an app.

Lots of choice, either to watch or download, movies, TV Shows, news, trailers, etc. etc. (Reading that list off the menu  :) ) and it has the added function of exporting/saving the downloaded file to the Windows o/s for watching off-line. Search by year, genre or just about any other term you want. Good stuff on there and in the UK it is ("apparently") legal.

Drawback is, it takes around 4 hours to download a 1gig mp4 file. But that's Smart  ::) ::) ::) Telecoms home wifi.

HTHs someone.



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